Restoration Druid, Progress or Flex team – Accepted

What sort of membership are you applying for?

  • I'm looking for heroic or mythic raiding. If there are no spots in progress team then it's fine for me to stay in Flex position. I do understand that flex is not a back-door to a raid team. I'm just looking for opportunity to raid again. Mythic would be preferable difficulty but is not necessary.
  • What characters are you applying with? Please link from armory, wowprogress or some other site, in order of importance to you. Include also your main character if you are applying with an alt.

  • Lenyy (Draenor). I have some proffession alts but not planning to play them on raid level.

  • Main Character Link

  • Why did you choose the class/spec you’re applying with and what kinds of content have you played on it so far? What experience you have playing other specs of your class?

  • Druid is my main from Nighthold in Legion. On retail i play from Legion pre-patch. I was switching to tank or healer if my raid team needed that. Don't have much experience with other specs because healer or tank was always needed.
  • Tell us about your history in WoW. Previous realms, guilds, best achievements, favourite mounts and anything else you want to add.

  • I started playing WoW in TBC on private server. Did most of TBC, Wotlk and a little bit of Cata and MoP playing on various priavate servers. My main till Legion was always mage and had druid and paladin as alts. I don't care that much about cosmetics or achievements. I always loved raiding and was trying to help raid teams if something was needed which led me to raid leading in most guilds at some point. Every expansion i was starting as dps mage and ended up playing healer and then tank so i have experience in every type of role. At the end of Legion i couldn't play raids with my guild on Karazhan server at the time because of my new work schedule so i tried once at Avail (Kazzak) but guild sadly collapsed, In BfA i was only playing m+ and did few random raid runs.
  • Who are you outside WoW? Please make sure to include things like the name your friends call you, your age, where do you live, what do you do when not playing WoW, family situation and anything else you’d like to add here that would affect your ability to play with Weekend Warriors in the coming months.

  • I'm 26 years old gamer from Poland. Most of the time i spend playing different games. Mostly love to try strategy games. Leny is my irl nickname hence the name of my Druid. I like to watch esports from time to time, mostly LEC or any major tournament happening at the time. I work 3 shifts so it's hard to raid nowadays and considering flex raid times i wouldn't be able to participate once in 3 weeks in those raids.
  • How did you hear about Weekend Warriors? What are you expecting from us? What can you offer to us?

  • I was looking for a guild that can raid on Saturdays and your guild name makes it easy to find you. I just want to go back to raiding and experience this fun mode again, either heroic or mythic. I think i have a lot of experience regarding raiding and overall i'm open to help with anything and have fun doing so, I also love m+ so i'm always open for some runs if i have time and can help people with their keys.
  • What kind of computer, internet connection and ingame latency/framerate you have? (please provide links if possible).

  • I build my computer for high Witcher 3 performance so it's more then enough for WoW. I have around 50-60 ms in WoW most of the time with stable fps. Never had any connection problems during raids.
  • The following questions are provided by our members and used by us as a maturity/sense of humour check. Please read them carefully and try to give your answer some thought as your answers will give us the best guide to your 'fit' with our community.

    If you were an orc, what would you be and why?

  • I would never be. Trolls are better. But if i were forced to then maybe peon because work is da poop and i can't raid.
  • Whats the perfect time of day and why?

  • Never thought about that but love the moment after i do daily chores like washing dishes after dinner and have some time to relax.
  • Please name one thing you LIKE most about WoW and one thing you particularly DISLIKE and why.

  • Since Warcraft 3 i liked WoW lore and that huge and vast world. I like to explore new things. Always wanted to see what happens with Legion and so on. There are 2 things that i dislike sometimes in WoW. Not every grind is that great and it's sad for me that we can't aim for specific items to feel some progress. We just farm the same things with better ilvl and side things like azerite armor don't help much for me. Second thing is connected to communities or people within raid teams or group activities. I really don't like when someone or group of people aggre on a thing like for e.x: we go this friday for an additional raid run, and half of them won't show up without reasons, leaving rest of the group and wasting their time. If you aggre on something show up.
  • Please provide your Discord tag here.....

  • Leny#8556

    Hello and thanks for the application. What happens now is we put a link to this app in the member's section so members can discuss it and bring any questions they have to you. Unfortunately, given your lack of Mythic Raiding experience throughout this expansion it would be impossible for us to consider you for a position on the Progress Team, as such we will be considering you for a position in the Flex Team. The Flex Team, however, raids on Friday & Sunday Nights from 20.00 to 23.00 Server Time. If you cannot make these times then we unfortunately cannot offer any other raiding alternative for you within Weekend Warriors. Normally expect a final decision on a Flex application within 48 hours. Please check back from time to time in case there are any questions that need answering as this will help speed the process. If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to raise them in the comments here. Best of luck, Necroaxe
    Hello Thanks for your patience. I'm happy to say we've decided to offer you trial social/flex membership of Weekend Warriors. Please poke someone when next online and ready for an invite to the guild. Welcome aboard!

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