Into Dragonflight

Hey all, time for a final blog post of my own.

There’s no denying that I’m kind of surprised to be writing this as, well, we’ve most of us learned to live without WoW since our individual decisions lead to taking a long break from the Shadowlands expansion that for one reason or more had become unenjoyable.

I honestly did not expect to be back playing the game again in Dragonflight and it may be that after the launch has settled and reality set in that this is the way that things will go, but for now I’m planning on giving the new expansion a go even if I will be doing so increasingly from the back-benches as Rag takes over the guild master’s role and managing the guild’s future growth and direction.

As you will have read from Rag’s recent blog post his return to the retail game alongside his escapades leading Weekend Warriors’ Wrath Classic alter ego has at least provided WW with a plan for Dragonflight that will allow WW to be an active home for those current, past and indeed future members that join us in giving the new expansion a try.

I won’t repeat what Rag has outlined already so if you missed it and want more details check the blog post before this one or better still, join our guild discord with the link provided below and read about the latest developments there.

Speaking of Discord however brings me to the main reasons for this blog post, which will be my last on the Weekend Warriors website.

Not the last because I’m definitely retiring or whatever as I’m not at this point, but the website is.

Times change and websites aren’t really the way that people approach gaming these days, Discord and its growing features have made a guild website irrelevant and whilst it’s nice to have a personalised address and all and a shop window that you can tweak to your liking, this is all rather pointless if it doesn’t get used for anything anymore, all the more so because it’s not free.

Therefore with the hosting fees due next month and the domain name the month after that, I’ll not be renewing them and this will mean the site will become unreachable.

Been nice to have and shame to see it go, but it’s time has passed.

The second reason for this blog post was really to echo another of Rag’s points and that regards joining and indeed rejoining the guild.

With the much simplified process and the “invite F&F members” perk to all long term members, we’re also calling a broad amnesty on former members wishing to rejoin WW in Dragonflight who may not have left on the best of terms with the guild or its officers.

So, if you’re planning to give Dragonflight a try and not sure where to play but have fond memories of your time here, give WW a try.

So, that’s it from me, remember to join our Discord for more updated info and to get back in touch.

Thanks for reading.

Founder and Warlord of Weekend Warriors.

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