[Declined] Holy paladin 8/12 Scypho Draenor

What sort of membership are you applying for?

  • Progress Team - Raiding Mythic Progress Saturday And Sunday Afternoons, Relevant Experience, Gearing And 85%+ Attendance Required
  • What characters are you applying with? Please link from armory, wowprogress or some other site, in order of importance to you. Include also your main character if you are applying with an alt.

  • Scypho-draenor might be in M+ gear

  • Main Character Link

  • https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/draenor/scypho#spec=Holy
  • Why did you choose the class/spec you’re applying with and what kinds of content have you played on it so far? What experience you have playing other specs of your class?

  • Played holy paladin since glimmer came out in BoD all tiers mythic this tier I am 8/12M logs are fine but I havent raided much since the last hotfix I can play ret fine mained in before glimmer was a thing in BoD gear is fine but nowhere near as good as my holy set
  • Tell us about your history in WoW. Previous realms, guilds, best achievements, favourite mounts and anything else you want to add.

  • Played only in BFA guild has quit raiding but I want to try and push a bit more always played on draenor have been in 2 guilds HC only that went back to aliance guardians of the plume and scepter draenor the guild that has stopped raiding and I have progressed with this tier
  • Who are you outside WoW? Please make sure to include things like the name your friends call you, your age, where do you live, what do you do when not playing WoW, family situation and anything else you’d like to add here that would affect your ability to play with Weekend Warriors in the coming months.

  • My name is Janne life in the Netherland I am 18yo and when not playing wow I play a variety of sports.
  • How did you hear about Weekend Warriors? What are you expecting from us? What can you offer to us?

  • wowproggress a guild that tries to get stuff done. I can play holy paladin up to quite a high standard and have exp progressing this tier.
  • What kind of computer, internet connection and ingame latency/framerate you have? (please provide links if possible).

  • pc is fine not great main compontens i5 4570k and a gtx780 internet is really good no connection issues
  • The following questions are provided by our members and used by us as a maturity/sense of humour check. Please read them carefully and try to give your answer some thought as your answers will give us the best guide to your 'fit' with our community.

    If you were an orc, what would you be and why?

  • would like to have a bar
  • Whats the perfect time of day and why?

  • times I have food
  • Please name one thing you LIKE most about WoW and one thing you particularly DISLIKE and why.

  • I really like raiding in a guild and I despise doing dallies
  • Please provide your Discord tag here.....

  • Janne#2040

    Hello and thanks for the application. What happens now is we put a link to this app in the member's section so members can discuss it and bring any questions they have to you. Normally expect an answer on a Progress Team application within 72 hours. Please check back from time to time in case there are any questions that need answering as this will help speed the process. Thanks Viix
    Hi and thanks for your application. I'm afraid we're going to have to decline your application at this time. Weekend Warriors has a 25+ age demographic and whilst we do occasionally make exceptions for close friends and family members of existing members we don't normally do so for other applications to maintain the guild's mission as a guild for older players. We wish you every success with your search for a guild that suits your raiding needs. Best regards Scabb

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