havoc demon hunter flex team – Accepted

What sort of membership are you applying for?

  • im apply for flex memebership
  • What characters are you applying with? Please link from armory, wowprogress or some other site, in order of importance to you. Include also your main character if you are applying with an alt.

  • havoc demon hunter

  • Main Character Link

  • https://raider.io/characters/eu/draenor/Sindwell%C3%AAr
  • Why did you choose the class/spec you’re applying with and what kinds of content have you played on it so far? What experience you have playing other specs of your class?

  • love playing this class , raided on most classes in the past bc and onwards , found this to be the most fun out of all , love its movement and speed , even better than my hunter , only played lfr on it so far but is fun ,play most speccs but still only around 400ilvl on most of my alts , most of my alts are on allliance , but i am more of a casual player on those
  • Tell us about your history in WoW. Previous realms, guilds, best achievements, favourite mounts and anything else you want to add.

  • started back in burning crusade was in hc guild then which we cleared hyjal and black temple on . then after that guild just seemed to bounce inbtw friends guilds but cleared few tiers until i stopped at trial of valor , best achievement was downing illidan for the first time , was my first real taste of killing something we worked for a while to kill , never realy been botherd how many wipes we have just happy once we get the kill
  • Who are you outside WoW? Please make sure to include things like the name your friends call you, your age, where do you live, what do you do when not playing WoW, family situation and anything else you’d like to add here that would affect your ability to play with Weekend Warriors in the coming months.

  • know as wizzies from back in my battlefeild2 days , 32 years old from the uk , started to stream some game on twtich under kristooff , but mostly try every mmo that comes out but always find myself come back to wow , got girlfriend which she comes to stay at weekends then rest of the week im free 😀 . just looking for a new adventure to see how far we can progress , and stream more
  • How did you hear about Weekend Warriors? What are you expecting from us? What can you offer to us?

  • found about weekend warriors on guild search , was what im looking for some weekend raiding and some new friends , im reliable always prepeard for what ever is thrown at me
  • What kind of computer, internet connection and ingame latency/framerate you have? (please provide links if possible).

  • oman gamim pc 1070grpahic card 32gb ram , sky fibre , fps 30 mm 22 in town
  • The following questions are provided by our members and used by us as a maturity/sense of humour check. Please read them carefully and try to give your answer some thought as your answers will give us the best guide to your 'fit' with our community.

    If you were an orc, what would you be and why?

  • orcs make the sexyest warriors who know how to wear there gear well
  • Whats the perfect time of day and why?

  • any after 6pm im good but weekends have as much time as i want
  • Please name one thing you LIKE most about WoW and one thing you particularly DISLIKE and why.

  • like and miss playin as a team and with friends , most of my friends even given up or dont do much apart from farm transmog and mounts , dislike the daily quests you are forced to do , like time gated zones need certain rep or what ever to move on

    Hello and thanks for the application. What happens now is we put a link to this app in the member's section so members can discuss it and bring any questions they have to you. Normally expect an answer on a social/flex application within 48 hours. Please check back from time to time in case there are any questions that need answering as this will help speed the process. Thanks Viix
    Hello. If you receive an email with " user submission denied" then don't worry, it's just us deleting the first application.
    Hello Thanks for your patience. I'm happy to say we've decided to offer you trial social/flex membership of Weekend Warriors. Please poke someone when next online and ready for an invite to the guild. Welcome aboard!

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