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Weekend Warriors Raid Team Rules

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  • Scabbrox
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    Hi all,

    Initially all raiders start off as Blood Guards, with raiders being promoted to the Champion rank when they have demonstrated 85%+ regular attendance over 30, 60 and 90 days together with adherence to the rules outlined below.

    The below list may appear to be quite long, but it basically boils down to one general premise – I will not be intractable, slack or coast and expect to be considered equal to those that don’t.

    Raid Team Rules

    All Raid Team Roster Members agree to the following:

    1. Sign up as early as possible to aid with raid team selection. If you have not signed 24 hours before raid time you will be placed on standby and take your chances with the others that are online at raid time for any last minute changes.

    2. Be online at least 15 minutes before raid time and stay for the full raid without interruption or unscheduled AFKs or absences. If you know you may have to leave early you will sign as tentative and inform the RL by game or discord PM or by posting a message on the AFK and Absence channel in Discord, who will decide whether to include you in the run or not based on the alternatives available.

    3. Keep your raid character fully gemmed and enchanted in all utilised raiding specs regardless of the shitty ilvl of any gear in each slot.

    4. Cap item upgrade currency points and bonus roll currency (when and where applicable) for upgrading gear/extra drop chances to the cap every week.

    5. To work to gain any freely available legendary items and all Artifact and other PvE benefits from the WoW world in a timely manner equal to others in the raid team.

    6. If a healer or tank, you will maintain a raid viable DPS off-spec or accept that if you choose not to you may be benched when too many of your role have signed.

    7. You will, when asked to by the Raid Leader or his appointed role leaders, follow their advice on changes to your character’s talents, gear choices and stat priorities, indeed any setting or action that may effect your raid performance or that of the team and understand that if you refuse to do this you will be removed from the progress raid team roster.

    8. To read up on your class and role and remain up to date with the changes that effect you and your raid utility.

    9. To read the forum and Discord raiding threads and channels regularly and always follow all raid related discussion and analysis and comment and contribute where applicable.

    10. To view fight videos and forum posted strategies for all upcoming progress fights before we encounter them.

    11. You accept that all players and compositions are not equal in all things and that the Raid Leader will always field the team he feels is most suited to progress. Should this mean there is no spot for you, you will respect the Raid Leader’s decision and not bombard him with questions.

    12. If placed on standby to still log at raid time and see if there are any last minute changes or rotational needs for later in the raid. Players should remain reachable during raid times for any emergencies either in game or on Discord app unless given leave not to.

    13. Members of the raiding roster are required to make a monthly donation to the guild bank to aid with the production of consumables.  These needs will be outlined monthly by the Guild Bank Admin and are to be made in the first week of each month.  Champion ranked players have their donation requirements reduced by 50%.

    14. Champions falling below 85% attendance for two consecutive reviews will lose the rank and be returned to Blood Guard.

    15. Officer and Council members who are members of the Regular Raid Team Roster are considered Champions for loot purposes.

    16. You will not pug any bosses on the heroic difficulty setting until after Sunday’s raid and pugging is never permitted in Mythic difficulty.

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  • Scabbrox
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    General Raid and Loot Rules

    1. The raid is lead by the raid leader, he will decide any queries or controversies. He is not always right or by any means infallible but his word is ultimately the final one.

    2. All raid group members must install, use and keep updated the following addons: Mandatory Addons for Raiding

    3.  With the introduction of the the personal loot system, we utilise a collective personal Loot Council distribution system and RCLoot Council addon for all tradable items, with the addition of the following rules:

    i.  All loot that is identified as tradable by RCLoot is considered team and not personal loot.  This will be assigned to the player the council selects irrespective of who the item actually dropped to.  Due to this you must NOT equip any item until you know for sure it is not under consideration as trade-able.

    ii. Your main spec is the one you regularly raid with the team as, not the role you are currently playing. Changes of official Main spec need to be agreed with the RL.

    iii. You may select from the following options for any item of loot: Best In Slot (BiS), Major Upgrade, Minor Upgrade, 2nd raid Spec, 3rd or 4th raid spec, Situational, Transmog and Pass.  Azerite Pieces have their own set of criteria and should refer again to MS only.

    iv. Trial members cannot out-rank full raid team members until they are confirmed. They can however be awarded loot if no regular guild member requires it or if the council feels it is warranted.

    v. A player cannot receive two mainspec items for the same slot in the same raid. This also applies to 2H v MH and OH items. So pass if you want to favour one over the other. Swapping of two items for the same slot is possible with other raiders, though must be 100% consensual. Items from different slots may not be traded, they can be passed to the second on the Council’s priority list for that item only.

    vi. Champion rank members rank first for main spec loot and exceptions to this rule are purely at the Loot Council’s discretion. Generally exceptions may be made when an item of loot is a considerably larger upgrade for a regular Blood Guard raid member than it is for the Champion and therefore would bring a larger benefit to the raid team.

    vii. Items that are BiS for any class will normally be given to the BiS classes first and others second. Champion rank player first. Again see note in (vi) above.

    viii. Offspec loot will be given first to those players that are more likely to use their OS and may in some cases be prioritised over mainspec needs when this is deemed more useful to the raid team.

    x. Transmog can never outrank any of the other categories and those players selecting Mog will be asked to /roll 100 with the highest roll winning the item.


    BoE items that drop from trash in raid will be placed in the Weekend Warriors Guild Bank tab where they may be offered to interested Weekend Warrior raid team members for their main spec or placed on the auction house and the proceeds of sale will go to the guild bank.

    Materials from disenchanting epic loot will be placed in the Weekend Warriors Guild Bank Enchanting Tab.

    Any drop Legendary Quest Items will be assigned according to a published priority listing of guild regular raid group raiders as decided by the raid leader.

    Any vanity items such as pets that drop in raid will be left with the person it drops to to do with as they see fit.

    Any rare boss mounts that drop will be assigned by the Raid Leader using expansion Life-Time attendance percentages as a ranking guide, from highest to lowest.

    The above notwithstanding, the raid leader under such circumstances as he deems fair, reserves the right to re-assign specific items of loot or deny a player’s ability to need on that item.

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  • Scabbrox
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  • Ragùneraxe
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    Bumping this for newer raiders and/or applicants looking to join the team.

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