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Mechagon Spare Parts Farming Guide

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    Mechagon Spare Part Farming

    So, before I begin, let me just say that Mechagon isn’t really my thing. I looked up and tested out various ways of maximizing how to get spare parts so I could just mostly leave the island alone. That being said, in the words of Rag from a couple of weeks ago, “If you can share something, why not share it, if it helps the rest of the guild?” and here we are.

    I’m making this post for the people who need to farm a fairly large amount of Spare Parts in Mechagon. There are several ranked essences from the Quartermaster there as well as other stuff. Getting enough spare parts for the Crates can be quite frustrating for people. I’ve found a couple of really good ways to gather these up, in various time frames. The best way to get them is a priority based system revolving around the construction projects that are up on any given day and farming specific mobs. Some construction projects are *very* helpful in gather spare parts. But others can be either situational at best, or just plain lackluster. So ultimately I’m going to give you a guide so you can choose how best to use your time the way you want and still get the parts you need. 🙂

    I’ll take a moment to address regular Rares in relation to spare parts. It’s generally not worth farming them for parts, alone. The amount of it takes to get to them and the fact that they simply don’t drop many spare parts makes them unnecessary for this. But if you need other stuff from them, it certainly doesn’t hurt so, good luck. Just don’t expect to rack up a load of spare parts from doing them.



    So one of the best ways of getting all the spare parts you need is by combining two or more or the following ways of farming I’m about to suggest. Depending on what construction projects are up that day, it may be quite frantic travelling between the different areas. Other times, it’s at your own pace. In order to see which construction projects are up for the day, simply pay Waren Gearhart a visit in Rustbolt, coords 73.14, 33.35, and ask about them.



    Drilling Rigs are amazing. This construction project revolves around drilling machines that you power up (or let others power up), and after a minute of digging, they bust through a cave and a rare – or a rare with a LOT of little friends – is available. I just did a rare Trogg this way. He gave me 140 spare parts alone. So the rares from this are FAR different from the regular ones on the island. And if it happens to be a rare accompanied by a ton of small adds you can aoe down, those count up a lot of extra parts as well. So these starting points of the drills are dotted about the island. Once one of them is powered up, the game will announce in general that such-and-such rig will be done drilling in 1 minute. You have time to check which one it is, go kill the adds that are trying to stop the drill and participate in the mini event.

    Here’s a handy map for you to see where the locations are.


    The other construction project most people don’t realise is fantastic is the Charging Station. You know those random troggs that come up and annoy the shit out of you while you’re trying to charge up your empty energy cells? Those are, barring rares, the absolute best mobs for spare parts on the entire island, except these keep on coming back. And you’ve likely just let other people kill them. 😀 So the smaller ones, the Scrapbone Demolishers give from 11 to 24 spare parts a *piece*. The bigger ones, the Scrapbone Energy-Eaters (they’re mounted), give around 20-35 a piece. (Numbers based only on personal experience) The only thing you have to worry about from any of these mobs is being stunned for 5 seconds which you can easily move out of. So if the Charging Station is up and you’re not fused about screwing around going everywhere else, just park yourself there and whack a mole whenever others are charging their energy cells. I’ve literally just sat there while other people are charging their cells, spent 1 minute killing mobs that kept coming, and picked up over 250 spare parts. In one minute. Of course this is dependent on either you charging empty cells or others. But a nice way to almost passively get them for people that want to watch programs in the background and smack some things now and again.


    Probably the most known way of getting parts is through Junkwatt Depot itself (the walled in area where all King Mechagon’s outside forces are), and importantly, where the Recyclerizer DX-82 daily quest bots are. Now, most of the time, the whole area isn’t worth it. Sounds wrong, huh? But it is. If the mobs are regular-colored, that is, bronze and silver, it’s going to be a waste of time, unless you’re in a group of 5 and NO Alliance are around. Unfortunately, there are usually Alliance around, and will not only steal your potential mobs, but also try to get you to kill them. And if you’re WM on, I imagine this whole thing is even worse. So what can you do?



    Well, there’s a nifty Rare called Mr. Fixthis. He’s a mechagnome and spawns at coords 61, 61 and he circles a Weather Alteration Machine, the big clickable tech pillar on the circular platform, on the edge of Junkwatt Depot. This is the machine in the Mechagon dungeon that you overcharge in order to bring down the last boss before going inside the dungeon itself. Mr. Fixthis can drop an item called the Exothermic Evaporator Coil (NOT a 100% drop, but someone will get one and use it during the day). Using this item on the weather machine will make it rain. And this is massively important. It corrodes the mobs inside of Junkwatt Depot. The mobs that are currently up and active will have their movement and attack speed slowed by 20%. All new mobs that spawn AFTER those current ones are dead will have the same debuff, however, and most importantly, the new spawns will have 1/3rd the health (big mobs will have around 230-270k after being weakened and not 650k-1m).


    Farming here is important, as you need Machined Gear Assembly, Hardened Spring and Tempered Plating from these mobs. when combining a set amount of each, you can create Bundle of Recyclable Parts. You’ve killed the weakened mobs already (easily, by yourself when they’re 1/3rd the health) and gotten parts, and you can recycle the other pieces for even more parts. The Recyclerizer DX-82 daily quest can be done over and over again on the same day. Each time you turn in the bundle, you can get 100-200 spare parts on average, besides the parts you get from simply killing the mobs. Special Note: Go talk to Recycler Kerchunk in Rustbolt coords 71.53, 38.74, and click on his chat option “I can’t find my Bot Re-Enerizer”. This will temporarily allow you to reenergise dead robots. You can use these to kill things faster. DO NOT waste your time going down to Bondo’s Junkyard and turn in these temp ressed bots for parts. The amount of parts you get is not even worth the time wasted travelling back and forth.

    So you’re ready to go and you get to Junkwatt Depot and all the bots are bronze and silver colored and there’s no Mr. Fixthis about to change the weather. You can always try realm hopping of course, to find one where the weather is already corroding the adds. If not, well, don’t waste time. Just keep checking back and seeing if anyone changes the weather and move on. Also, don’t bother creating a BAWLD-371 from the robot vendor (this creates a portable storm around you for 15 mins). This item only gives the movement speed slow and attack speed slow. It does NOT cut their health down by 2/3rds.

    But thankfully, there’s a fairly handy way of farming parts without all that going on.



    Mecha… Pirates? *Insert “ARRRRGH!” soundfile punchcard to continue*

    It involves going to a few places on the map and taking turns gathering up 4 or 5 Upgraded Sentries which are easy to kill, and alternating that with the unscrupulous little bastards called Steelarm Pillagers (usually 3 in a group) and their floating Stolen Parts boxes that are beside them.  These mobs are found between Rustbolt and Bondo’s Junkyard, in the open area to the south of both of those as well and some skirt the edge of the road leading up to Junkwatt Depot.  In some cases you can gather 2 packs of these up together, sometimes not. But the key is to kill them as well as pull any bots that are close by with them, especially the robo doggos for instance. The two places for killing the most Upgraded Sentries are at 67.21, 54.38 (beside the sludge pool that spawns the Foul Manifestation rare), and 59.08, 51.15, where 5 hang around at. Doing these two spots as well as going around and doing the pillagers is a perfectly quick and easy way to also get parts relatively quickly.

    The key is to do these two things on the go.

    I wish you good luck and I hope this was informational. 🙂

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    The most efficient way to farm spare parts is to join a 4×2 group (you will join a group of 4 players total, that plays together with another 4 player group).

    This video explains how 4×2 farming works: and this technique also works for mount farming/cloth farming etc.

    4×2 groups are regularly advertised in LFG. Just search for ‘spare parts’ and make sure you have warmode on. In the end you will end up with a lot more spare parts that farming it alone.


    Courtesy of Healthclub.

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