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Ny’alotha – Mythic Carapace of N’Zoth Guide

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    This fight will likely drive you insane, both in and outside of the game. It is very scripted, but an incredible mess of mechanics and abilities you need to prepare, plan and overcome one after another.

    This is the first fight in the raid where there are substantial and massive changes from Heroic, making it almost a completely different encounter which is the main challenge of the fight – learning an entirely new fight with reminiscent mechanics from Heroic.

    Adaptive Membrane: This spell is important throughout each phase of the fight and it bears mentioning for Mythic. N’Zoth will shield himself, his Antigen adds, his Growths and/or PLAYERS (in a set pattern) with this for 12 seconds. This is an absorption shield that must be broken as it will drop the smaller orbs of Fragments of Sanity when broken on Antigen adds, and a larger blue orb of Shard of Sanity when broken on players, the boss and Growths. As a player with Membrane, you must break your shield as quickly as possible whilst facing towards the raid as the orb will drop in that direction, and if you do not break your Membrane we will not gain the orb.

    Shard of Sanity: Large blue orb that spawns on the ground that will explode on contact with a player with any Sanity below 100. This explosion will restore 10 Sanity to all players within 20 yards, and must be soaked with as many people as possible.

    Phase 1

    This phase is the most similar to its Heroic counterpart, but it is by far much more chaotic and claustrophobic. It requires a great deal of pre-positioning and pre-planning to deal with the Growth-Covered Tentacles that will slam into the floor in set patterns and timers.

    On Mythic, the Gaze of Madness add will need to be interrupted as soon as it begins its channel – not the pre-cast. The reason for this is because there is a 2-3 second delay until it will re-channel, allowing you to kill it before it can even channel at all, or give a brief stop-gap for healers. If the Gaze has a Membrane shield, it cannot be interrupted. If there is no shield on it, continue interrupting in the same fashion as stated.

    Horrific Hemorrhage: Periodically spawns a red circle beneath it which deals damage to any hit and spawns a Nightmare Antigen add. Nightmare Antigen adds must be cleaved and killed quickly as they get stronger the longer they live and heavily slow the tank.

    We will divide this phase by its tentacle patterns, which are set across each try.

    #1 Tentacles

    The White Arrows indicate the Growth-Covered Tentacles that will slam across the map. They act as a line of sight and wall between each group, hence why a healer and tank needs to be on each. The very far tentacle will be handled by any Warlocks we have, as they can safely burst the Hemorrhages without need of a healer.

    The Closest & Furthest Tentacles from the boss will be cleared out first to create gaps so others can assist with adds/hemorrhages if needed. Warlocks will pop Demonic Portals to get to the furthest back and start burning the hemorrhages to death – adds that spawn on the warlock side will run through the tentacle to the tank or due to healer aggro and quickly be picked up.

    The Green (Triangle) markers indicate Gaze of Madness adds that will spawn shortly after the tentacles slam down, and they will spawn together. Ranged deal with theirs, and melee with their own too. These Eyeball adds are top priority and should be burned ASAP as they spawn, which should be after the 1st set of tentacles die and open up gaps.


    #2 Tentacles

    A larger portion of the raid will stay on the boss side and burn the hemorrhages and Gaze of Madness adds down. Once the Hemorrhages on the boss side are clear, you can use your extra action button to teleport to Wrathion past the Tentacles and assist the other side in finishing their Hemorrhages off.

    This is the easier set to handle, the only downside is the opposite side from boss will have no tanks so you will need to kite and handle adds without one. Earth Elementals work well here.

    After this set is dead, you will need to wait with getting the boss down to 50% so you can transition into Phase 2 without any Madness Bombs overlapping.

    Phase 2

    The phase begins as soon as the boss hits 50%. Everyone will be reset to 100 Sanity. Speed and execution is crucial in this phase as the boss heals every 2 seconds that he is in this phase, increased by the amount of Synthesis Growths there are alive.

    On Mythic, your Wrathion extra action button is disabled and he will not assist you in this phase. You will need to be careful with your Sanity, which will also regenerate as a group rather than as an individual by popping Shard of Sanity together.

    Adaptive Membrane: N’Zoth will apply his first Membrane cast to Synthesis Growths, his 2nd to Players and this pattern will repeat for the rest of the phase. It is important to break through shields on Growths so you can kill them quickly, and if a Membrane shield is on you to break it by standing in the Cysts’ zones.

    And lastly, we will need to split the raid equally to tackle each section of this room at the same time. One half up the left, the other half up the right.

    The map shows the position of each growth. Cleave heavy classes will go on the right, single-target specialists will tackle the left.

    Mycelial Cysts: DO NOT MULTI-DOT CYSTS LIKE HEROIC. On Mythic, Cysts will begin a 10 second cast if they are hit by any damage, accidental or otherwise. Once this cast is completed, the Cyst is will become untargetable and remain at the size it was when the cast ended for 20 seconds. Once the 20 seconds are up, the Cyst will explode in a large area around it, dealing large damage and disorienting anyone hit whilst growing back to full size. For this reason, it is vital to only attack Cysts in your path and make sure to get them down to 1 HP ASAP.

    Phase 3

    This is the hardest part of the fight, and the length of this phase depends on your speed in the 2nd Phase.

    The Red Lines across the floor are Mycelial Cysts which are present in this phase on Mythic. Ranged will need to turn to them and DPS them when an Infinite Darkness is coming up to kill them and clear a path – it is important not to kill them too early or too late as people will get slowed by the Cysts or get killed by their explosive respawn when they cross if not done right. Only attack the first 2 closest to the center.

    The boss will stop by Red at the start. The key to overcoming this phase is baiting the Infinite Darkness correctly and running from it effectively.

    Infinite Darkness

    1) Stack together and bait it Red (Cross). All Warlock Gateway from Red (Cross) to Orange (Circle) when the cast ends.
    – 2Stand on Orange (Circle) to bait this one, then use movement speed abilities to get out and towards Yellow (Star) as fast as possible
    – 3This is the most dangerous one as you have little. You will all need to bait and pop Lightfoot Potions to sprint across from Yellow (Star) to Silver (Moon).
    – 4) The final set, our Gateway CD will be off and so we will use it here and we will need it. This overlaps with Insanity Bomb on the entire raid. Immediately as Infinite Darkness is cast, EVERYONE Gateways across from Silver (Moon) to Red (Cross) and spreads out ASAP – you have 5 seconds to do this and use as much room as you can. 


    Insanity Bomb

    As Heroic, you will need to spread for Bombs and deal with adds. Your main source of Sanity regen will come from the blue Shard of Sanity orbs players and the boss will drop for us. Pop them immediately – raid will be stacked at all times other than for Bomb in this phase.

    This is an example of how the raid will need to spread Insanity Bomb. Each player is a number, and boss will be positioned on the Number 1 along with the main tank. Mages will blink across the red line of Mycelial Cysts and take position on the 18-19-20 slots to leave more room in our current pie slice. As soon as the Bombs trigger, it is vital to stack up and burn all adds down ASAP.


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  • Ragùneraxe
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