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I’m a former member coming back, can I rejoin?

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  • Scabbrox
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    Hello to all former members of Weekend Warriors

    At some point in the past, whether close or distant, either you or real life decided that your time in WoW and therefore Weekend Warriors was at an end.

    You disconnected and at some point your inactive characters were removed from the guild and your forum account was retired.

    Now, as often happens, with a new expansion on the horizon you’re wanting to at least have a look what it’s like, see if it can get you hooked or at least happy to be playing again and you’re faced with the problem of who to play it with now that WW isn’t there for you as before. What to do, look for a new guild or ask us if we’ll have you back and will the guild be the same as it was before if you do?

    It’s really up to you. You may feel a fresh start elsewhere is better, especially if your life has changed and the weekend thing isn’t your key motivator, or if you weren’t really 100% invested in WW as THE guild to begin with.

    If you choose to re-apply then we’ll look at every application we receive and if it’s for a casual/social spot and you were a member in good standing and with no past issues with the guild then acceptance should be a formality.

    Things get somewhat more complicated if it’s a raiding application as we’ll have to consider our ability to offer you raiding within the existing roster and won’t be able to take players where we don’t feel we’ll be able to meet their desire to raid regularly. We simply can’t guarantee that you’ll get accepted as a raider. Still, the only way to find out is to ask.

    Are we the same guild? Well, yes and no, like you others drifted away to inactivity and others replaced them so chances are you’ll see a lot of new faces, but still a core of old ones you’ll remember. New friends and old certainties if you like.

    It’s always wise to recall the old saying “you can’t step in the same river twice”.  That is to say, no matter what your memory of your time in WW was, it will not be the same the second time around.  Guilds are made of many individuals, each one makes it a different experience over time and this may make it better for you or indeed, worse.

    So, if you’re ready to see if lightening can indeed strike twice, the don’t let shyness put you off or settle for second best, if WW did it for you and there is no substitute then hit the application button and we’ll deal with the rest.

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  • Ragùneraxe
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    Bumping this for returning members looking to rejoin in Shadowlands.

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