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F.A.Q. A Guide to Weekend Warriors and Read Me for new members and old alike

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    The Weekend Warriors guild was founded in October 2010 largely consisting of a group of friends from Dark Elders and Prophecy who had become used to raiding together in the cross-guild Weekend Warrior weekend raid group founded in 2009, during Wrath of the Lich King.

    At the time it was founded by raid leader Scabb, the new guild required few ‘rules’ and even less information as the members all knew each other, the way Scabb ran things and so we kept this side of things deliberately light and common sense based.

    As time went on however the guild grew with the inclusion of new members and it became apparent that there wasn’t a lot of info out there for the new member about the who, how, where and what of this guild and so I thought it time that we put a few lines together to guide them and indeed remind us all.

    So, here follows the definitive…

    “Grunt’s Guide to Weekend Warriors”

    First off, welcome to the guild and congratulations for being awesome enough to have earned entry into this rather special guild!

    In this guide we will cover the following FAQs:

    Who are Weekend Warriors?

    Weekend Warriors are a group of people that share the common objectives of a mature, friendly guild environment in which to level alts, grind, raid and play, an understanding that Real Life™ is a more important game than World of Warcraft® and who think the most fun you can have in game is in a weekend raid with friends having a laugh on voice chat whilst progressing through the encounters that Blizzard brings to the table.

    The guild is aimed at a ‘mature’ demographic and this doesn’t just mean behavioural maturity but also age maturity.  Our average age is over 25 with many players significantly older, so this is the age range where we target recruitment.  Whilst we do sometimes make exceptions for people under this age, in particular for family members of existing members, we don’t generally recruit much younger as you won’t have anyone of your own age to play with in guild, nor are we likely to accept their applications just because we accepted yours.

    More info on who we are can be found here.

    What do the membership options mean and which is right for me?

    We have three categories of membership as follows:

    Progress Raid –  This membership is for people who wish to raid Mythic Progression and can commit to at least 85% attendance in a given raid tier.  To be successful in an application and trial ideally we’d require you to demonstrate past and recent raiding activity and ability in Mythic, be geared and ready for this level of raiding and to show past consistency in longevity and effort.  We are not interested in players that subscribe and unsubscribe regularly and who have shown a lack of staying power when the harder bosses come into play and the wipe count increases.  Similarly we are not interested in people for whom the sole driver for raiding is a CE achievement as it is not a priority nor is it a goal at Weekend Warriors to achieve it.  What we are interested in is dedicated members of the community that raid because they enjoy it, stick around because they care about the team and its viability and are with Weekend Warriors for the long haul as it’s the best guild of its kind.  Only official Progress Team members can join the Weekend Afternoon Raids, even during Heroic farm.

    Flex Raid – This membership is for those players that wish to raid in a more casual way in normal and then heroic difficulty and can commit to 50% attendance at least.  You will need to be ready to raid at these difficulties to join with this membership type so it’s not for fresh characters, but those that are at least ready for the raid difficulty the team is currently raiding.  Being a flex raider ranked players will give you priority in what are often over-subscribed raids.  In exchange for this priority you have to provide regularity or you will end up being demoted to the social rank and losing this priority spot.  Flex rank players can sign for all guild activities except for Mythic raiding.

    Social – Social players join the guild to play with like minded people first and foremost.  They typically can’t or don’t want to commit to raiding flex regularly or are more focused on other play styles such as M+, pet battles, alt or achievement grinding.  Social rank players are eligible to sign for all guild activities, (except for Mythic raiding) including flex raiding though they will only be fielded when there are free spots.  Typically at the start of a tier this can mean you have to wait some weeks for these to open up.

    Cutting Edge is very important to me, can you guarantee it?

    Weekend Warriors is a guild that focuses first and foremost on the people it recruits and secondly on their ability as players.  We have an age demographic that usually excludes most players under 25 from joining the guild and as such this cuts out a large portion of those that normally make up other raid teams.  Whilst we always do our best to work towards getting our members this reward, this is largely dependent on factors outside our control such as release schedules, recruitment opportunities and attrition all of which work against helping a 25+, two day per week raiding guild to achieve this goal.  When the stars align and recruitment and retention permits we can and do get it, but at others we don’t.  We accept this and so no, it’s not critical to us and if it is essential to you then this isn’t the guild for you.

    Pushing high Mythic+ keys is very important to me, is this guild right for me?

    As stated above, Weekend Warriors is a guild that focuses first and foremost on the people it recruits and looks for ways to integrate players into guild wide activities rather than house micro-groups of players in 2-5 player activities such as M+ and PvP.  We run one or two guild wide two to three hour Mythic + events per week to get as many people a chance to cap their weekly and experience Mythic plus with friends and guild mates and avoid the pug scene and we actively encourage guild members to participate in these events for the benefit of the guild.  Whilst we do have some players that focus more seriously on pushing higher keys as well this tends by its very nature to be an exclusionary activity due to the nature of this end game content and is not conducive to guild cohesion.  As such we do not recruit M+ focused players as a general rule and are against encouraging set teams within a guild setting, but as long as you participate in guild activities what you do in your remaining play time is your business.

    Who are the officers and can I become one?

    Weekend Warriors has a Warlord, Scabbrox, who is the person under whose banner where these guildies all have of their own free will collected. The Warlord is assisted by the guild membership in making the guild work. As required, the GM selects suitable members to be administrators (Generals) of certain guild functions such as: GM support, Raid Leading or Guild Bank administration and as members of the Mythic Raid (Team Leaders) & Guild Council (Recruitment, Social), the so-called Council of Trynottofail.  Generals and Councillors are distinguished by their current willingness to serve the guild in an administrative capacity and receive the ‘tools’ to do their job in the form of a higher rank that allows them access to these functions.  When they cease to cover these functions others take their place and they return to the membership ranks.  Unlike many guilds, we do not have a set-officer club based on ties of friendship independent of effort.

    How long is my trial period?

    Trials are generally up to a month long but depend very much on the person. Some people find themselves confirmed in less than two weeks, others may take over a month. It’s hard to say exactly what will trigger an early confirmation, but it will generally happen when it becomes obvious that someone is ‘right’ for the guild through their words and actions and will normally take longer in the case of a less active or sociable player or raid team trial members that do not raid sufficiently during their trial. Generally, players that don’t convince us of their fit within the guild within a month will be informed of their trial’s failure and removed from the guild.

    What can I do in my trial to help me get accepted?

    Be yourself. There’s really no point trying to behave other than you would normally do in order to get accepted as then you’d only be in the wrong guild. Other than that, be friendly, be polite, say hi to people, engage in conversations if you want to contribute and help the guild and its players through generosity and contribution. But most all, be civil & respectful and have fun with each other.

    How many characters can I have in guild?

    During your trial you can have one main character and one alt in guild.  After your trial is over and you are confirmed as a full member you can have as many characters as you wish to bring into the guild.  N.B.  We will however remove alts that haven’t been played in months to keep the guild clear of inactive alt clutter.

    How does the Guild Bank work?

    The guild bank is managed by the Guild Bank Admin and is there for the membership as a whole and has several tabs for their use as follows:

    Tab 1: Herbs – Managed by the Head Herbalist. This tab is for Farmers and players to deposit current expansion herbs and primary reagents. You may NOT use this tab for personal crafting or skill levelling.

    Tab 2: Pots and Flasks – Managed by the Head Alchemist. This tab is for the storage of raid quality raid flasks and potions. Consumable items within may only be taken by main characters for Progress Raid purposes.

    Tab 3: Enchants and Magic – Managed by the Head Enchanter & Head Scribe. This tab is for the storage of raid enchanting scrolls, item enhancements and relevant mats. You can also place any blue, green or purple items in here for disenchanting. Consumable items may only be taken by main characters.

    Tab 4: Meat and Fish – Managed by the Head Hunter & Head Chef. This tab is for the storage of meat, fish and cooking ingredients for the crafting of raid foods and feasts. You may not use this tab for other personal crafting or skill levelling.

    Tab 5: Raid Food – Managed by the Head Chef. For the storage of raid quality consumable foods and feasts only. Consumable items may only be taken by main characters for official guild raid purposes.

    Tab 6: Gems and Ores – Managed by the Head Jeweler. For storage of ores, raw gems and raid quality crafted gems and other related mats. Consumable items are free to be withdrawn as necessary.

    Tab 7: Free for All – Managed by the Guild Bank Admin. This tab is for the storage of items that are from the current expansion but don’t fit into either of the above raid group tabs. Such as crafted or levelling gear, lower quality gems, food mats, pets, toys and item enhancements. Items in this tab can be withdrawn used freely by any member for any reason they wish.

    Tab 8: Secure Storage – Managed by the Guild Master and Bank Admin. This tab is storage for BoE raid items or mats that are not for general use, such as high quality current tier crafting ingredients, gems and enchants. It is also used to store stacks of excess high value mats. If you are interested in a BoE item in this tab, you may request it here and you will be informed of availability. Only those of Legionnaire rank or higher may request BoE Loot. Items not requested within a period of 2 weeks will be sold on the Auction House to generate revenue for the Guild Bank.

    Alternative Guild Bank: We have an overspill bank staffed by GM and Quartermaster alts in a guild called “Zug Zug“. Excess and reserve stock is stored here when the Weekend Warriors bank is over capacity.

    NB: Further, possibly more up to date information regarding the tabs can always be found in the Info tab of each bank tab.

    Are donations to the Guild Bank required?

    For social members donations are purely voluntary and of course, always appreciated and encouraged given we provide all our raiders with all the bsic consumables they’d ever need.  Progress raid team members are required to contribute a fixed amount of raw gold each month to pay for the consumables they use during progression.  This currently equates to 15,000 gold in value for all Progress Raiders for the duration of the Castle Nathria tier and is due on the first week of each month.

    What are your raid times and rules?

    Our Mythic Team Raid times are from 15:45 to 19:00 server on Saturday and Sunday (an hour later from June to September).

    Our Flex Team raid times are from 20:00 to 23:00 on Fridays and Sundays for any and all members of the guild to enjoy a casual, laid-back and carefree Normal and Heroic raiding experience with all their guildies and friends.

    General rules governing attendance, gearing and looting can be found here.

    Who can sign up for the raids?

    As far as the guild’s progress raids are concerned, only those members that are included in the Raid Team Roster here.  This is limited to those who have proven to be regular, consistent and capable members of the raid team, those who have been accepted on a raid trial basis and those who have been invited to form the back-up roster as selected and defined by the Raid Leader.

    The flex team runs are open to all guild members that meet the gearing criteria set for the event, subject to available spots and balance viability with flex team regular rank members having priority.

    What’s your guild channel policy?

    We do ask that the language in guild be kept civil and free of gratuitous swearing and obviously adult themes. Politics and religion are off-limits for discussion in any public guild chat. Lastly, spamming and using inappropriate, infantile greetings such as “whalecum” will get you kicked from the guild.

    Can you explain your ranks?

    Our ranks are as follows:

    • Warlord* – Guild Master
    • General* – Guild Officer & Administrator
    • Councillor* – Guild Council Member and officer alts
    • Quartermaster* – Official Guild Appointed Profession Heads
    • Honour Guard* – Member (Social/Flex/Progress) of 5+ years / Former QM/Officer with 1+ year of service
    • Champion – Progress Raid Team Member
    • Legionnaire – Regular Flex Raider
    • Stone Guard – Social Member
    • Grunt – Alt Rank
    • Scout – Trial Member

    *Authenticator mandatory ranks.

    Do you kick members for inactivity?

    We won’t normally remove full members if we know why they are away. We will however remove members if they have not informed us of a reason for not logging after 2 months of inactivity. Generally speaking, if you’re a member in good standing and there’s a hope you’ll come back to us we’ll keep you in and hope for your return, but if you simply disappear without trace and make no attempt to contact us again you will find yourself removed.  This is especially true of trial members who will be removed from guild if they fail to log regularly during a trial.

    Lastly as WW is not intended as an alt parking guild, we will also remove players that move on to main in another guild and then no longer play an active role in guild life here.

    I have a friend I’d like to get accepted into the guild, how do I go about this?

    First off, read the following post and see if you still feel that you should sponsor them to join.  If the answer is yes, then they will need to register on this site and apply just as you did.  In their application they must answer the questions fully, state their age and who their friend is in guild.  Once we have put up an internal discussion post for the application in the Warrior Clan Hall Forum then you will need to post your honest opinion of your friend, why you feel they would make a good fit with the guild and vouch for them.  Please be aware we cannot guarantee acceptance and rejection is always a possibility, especially if they do not meet the guild’s demographic and standards.

    Do you have any required addons?

    If you want to raid with us in the Progress Team, you will need to install the following addons listed here.

    Social Members & Flex Raiders are not expected to have any specific addons. If you are attending any Flex Raid, you are however required to have the RCLootCouncil addon updated and installed to be eligible for loot.

    You mention a Voice Server, what are the details?

    We use Discord as our main voice server and invitation links are available in the member forum and in the Guild Information section upon joining the guild and passing the application process.


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