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Castle Nathria: Sire Denathrius Guide

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    The Eternal One. Father of the Venthyr. Master of Revendreth. Harvester of All Sins. Pawn of the Jailer.

    Denathrius wields the power of his vast Anima Stores, the harvesters of Sin and his cruel, animated blade Remornia against all who would oppose him and the Jailer’s schemes to bring Death to all of creation. Him and his blade Remornina are as Inevitable as Death itself – any time you go out of melee range of either of them, they will immediately teleport to their active target and strike them from behind.

    Phase 1 (100% – 70%)

    On pull, the entire raid will be afflicted with 4 stacks of Burden of Sin. This debuff is a permanent, ticking DOT that will interact with several of Denathrius’ other abilities.

    The Master will periodically cast Blood Price on the entire raid. This ability will stun and raise everyone in the air to a height determined by their Burden of Sin stacks, and after 3.5 seconds these sins will explode, dealing damage to yourself and everyone who has the same number of stacks as you.

    Our goal in this phase is to lower everyone’s Burden of Sin stacks to one before the intermission phase begins. To do this we will have to use the tank mechanic Cleansing Pain, which strikes everything in a cone behind the tank. Being hit by this ability clears 1 stack of Burden of Sin but also summons Echoes of Sin adds for each player hit. These need to be focused down immediately due to their unavoidable raid-wide damage – Painful Memories.

    Echoes of Sin

    Shortly after the Echoes of Sin spawn, Denathrius will mark a number of players with Feeding Time (this number is based on raid size). This creates Images of Denathrius that after a few seconds will charge at their target, dealing damage to anyone in the circle around them and leeching 150% of the damage done back to Denathrius himself. If you are targeted, you need to move away with your circle.

    feeding time

    Upon reaching 100 energy, Denathrius’ sword will cast Ravage on 1/3 of the room. This creates a zone of red anima where all healing is nullified and you take ticking damage every second you are in it. In addition, everytime Denathrius calls upon Remornia to Ravage, he gains 10% increased damage for the remainder of Phase 1.


    Once he hits 70%, Denathrius will teleport to the middle of the room by his sword, pull every player to him and immediately knock them away to the edges of the room. During this phase you cannot use any abilities, and your goal is to get close to Denathrius within 15 seconds or you will die. Each stack of Burden of Sin on you will slow you down by 20%, if you have too many stacks you will not make it to him in time. The goal is to reach 1-2 stacks of Burden of Sin so you can safely run to the center of the room and make it in time. NOTE: Shamans & Death Knights do not need to clear any stacks of Burden of Sin due to their Ghost Wolf & Death’s Advance which make them unable to be slowed.

    Phase 2 (70% – 40%)

    Denathrius is annoyed we survived his onslaught and drags us down to his vast Observatorium along with his sword Remornia. Here, venthyr adds will periodically spawn on the edges of the platform and on two other far, unreachable platforms (Warlocks can place a Gateway across). Ranged will need to focus on the adds on separate platforms, while melee have to handle the adds on our current platform. These adds will channel raid-wide damage so long as they are alive, if any remain when Denathrius hits 40%, we will gain a 10% healing reduction aura for each remaining add left.

    Players in this phase will have to watch out for Remornia’s Impale ability. 3 players will be marked, and a few seconds later the sword will slash through them, dealing damage to the players as well as everyone within their path. Avoid the arrows and form a line people can avoid easily. Anyone struck by Impale receives a stack of Carnage, which is a short duration, fast ticking bleed.


    Cleansing Pain becomes Wracking Pain, which still deals damage to every player within the cone but must now be avoided by all non-tanks. In addition, it now increases the damage anyone hit by it takes, including Denathrius’ own adds. Ravage becomes Massacre in this phase, which creates large lines across the room that players have to avoid.

    He will also periodically cast Hand of Destruction, pulling everyone near him while he creates a copy of himself that channels a raid-wide AoE, the damage of which drops off based on distance. The mirrors placed on the four ends of the platform can be used to teleport to opposite sides of the room to quickly run away from this deadly explosion.

    Phase 3 (40% to 0%)

    Denathrius is really tired of us. He will teleport to the middle of the room and wield Remornia for himself, summoning a whirlwind of anima, closing off outer sections of the room and access to the mirrors.

    Tanks will have a Remornia’s Scorn debuff to juggle, on top of dealing with a new ability Shattering Pain. This combo will deal massive damage to the tank, on top of knocking the entire raid back at the end of it. Be careful not to get knocked off the platform.

    In this phase players marked with Fatal Finesse will need to move atleast 9 yards away from the raid to avoid the ability hitting anyone else.

    At 100 energy, Denathrius uses all of Remornia’s powers to alternate between Massacre & Ravage everytime he gains 100 energy – starting with Massacre > Ravage and repeating. Ravage will again cover 1/3 of the room. This acts as a soft enrage to kill him before you run out of space.

    In addition, Denathrius will continue to draw us in and try to kill us with Hand of Destruction. Without any mirrors to teleport away, you will need to run far and avoid as much of its explosion damage as you can.

    Death comes for us all, but we must be the ones to lead the Sire of the Venthyr into a brighter future.

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  • Athiyk
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    Heroic Difficulty

    Players start at 5 Burden of Sin stacks up from 4.

    Feeding Time turns into Night Hunter. Night Hunter will always target 2 players, regardless of raid size. The Image of Denathrius now deals reduced damage to its marked target for each player that it passes through on its trajectory line. Each player will need to soak 1 of the 2 lines to reduce the damage of the image, and therefore lowering the amount that Denathrius will heal for. If you are targeted, you can use magical immunities to negate the ability entirely. Soaking 2 lines at a time without an immunity will instantly kill you, as soaking any 1 line will debuff you to take 500% increased damage from any additional Night Hunter.

    Night HunterThe Crimson Cabalists will release a Crescendo of anima upon death, which creates small swirls on the floor that do damage and also knock players away. Be very careful not to fall off the platform.

    SwirlyTargets struck by Impale leave Rancor at the point of impact, further reducing the amount of room the raid has. Players hit by Massacre also leave Rancor at the impact location. Rancor pools deal high ticking damage and reduce all healing done by 50% while standing in them.


    Fatal Finesse will always target 3 players and leave Smoldering Ire orbs that MUST be fully soaked or they will explode after 10 seconds, dealin lethal raid-wide damage and very likely wiping the raid.


    Mythic Difficulty


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