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Castle Nathria: Council of Blood Guide

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    Despite its outlook the Council of Blood fight is a purely single target encounter. Each time you kill one of the council members, the others will heal back up to full and gain an additional ability so any damage done to other councillors is wasted and discouraged.

    From the start of the fight, the raid is afflicted by Oppressive Atmosphere. This debuff does ticking damage on everyone in the raid, with it increases by 1 stack every 10 seconds. This stacking dot will reset everytime a boss hits 50% or a council member dies.

    Bringing any of the council members to 50% HP will trigger an intermission. During this, each player will have a spot marked for them on the dance floor which they need to take. The goal is to follow the movement of the dredger servants, with each successful step granting the players 3% haste for 20 seconds. Failing your dance moves will cause you to lose all stacks of haste increase and take ticking damage.

    The order in which to kill the Councillors is the following: Baroness Frieda > Lord Stavros > Castellan Niklaus.


    Baroness Frieda

    Frieda has no tank swap abilities, but she will need to be tanked by the Castellan tank to stay grouped.

    The Baroness’ Dreadbolt Volley will need to be interrupted every single time to avoid the raid being hit for a moderate amount, on top of applying a 12 second dot on everyone.

    Seeing as she will be the first to die, Frieda will not gain any extra abilities.

    Lord Stavros

    Lord Stavros will need to be tanked apart from the others, due to his tank buster ability Evasive Lunge hitting everything in a 20 yard straight line. Tanks will need to position themselves so Stavros dashes through them at a safe angle.

    His ability, Dark Recital, will link random players in pairs and need to stay within 8 yards of each other similar to Paranoia. These players, however, will need to keep moving together to avoid the constantly spawning small red pools underneath them.

    Dark recital

    Once Frieda is dead, Stavros gains the ability to summon dancers on the dance floor through Waltz of Blood. These dancers will waltz across the across in a square pattern, anyone hit will be stunned and take moderate damage.


    Castellan Niklaus

    Castellan Niklaus is one of the two council members that need to be actively tanked.

    Duelist’s Riposte will deal heavy damage to the active tank and apply a debuff that increases the damage of subsquent Ripostes by 100%.

    His primary ability summons a Dutiful Attendant add on the dance floor. The add will channel a immunity shield on the lowest HP council member. The attendant needs to be focused down and killed to remove the immunity on the weakest Councillor.

    Once Frieda is dead, Niklas will gain the ability to summon Dredger Servants. These servants will continuously throw food, dealing a moderate amounts of damage to random players.

    Once Stavros is dead, Niklaus will gain the final ability to cast Castellan’s Cadre. This will spawn a Veteran Stoneguard that will knockback the entire raid upon spawning and will need to be off-tanked. This add deals massive damage to its active tank which increases the longer it is alive. Kill it ASAP.

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    Heroic Difficulty

    Each Dance Macabre will require the execution of 6 moves, up from 4.

    Castellan Niklaus gains an extra ability if he is the last one standing. Killing any add while Niklaus is the final boss will empower any other mob (including Niklaus) in an area around it, increasing their damage by 100% for 18 seconds. This enrage can be removed by Soothe, Tranquilizing Shot or Shiv.

    Baroness Frieda gains an extra ability if she is the last one standing. Players will leave a pool under themselves for 30 seconds every time they are hit by one of Frieda’s abilities.

    Lord Stavros gains an extra ability if he is the last one standing. Moving or jumping around gradually reduce your movespeed, while standing still makes you drop the stacks you accumulated.


    Mythic Difficulty

    5 people in the raid will periodically be afflicted by Dancing Fever. This debuff starts at 3 stacks and will last 30 seconds. Jumping will remove a stack of this debuff but deal raid-wide damage whenever a stack is removed.

    If you have any stacks of Dancing Fever left when the debuff expires, you will instantly die. The raid leader will call when to clear stacks and we will overlay raid cooldowns to survive the raid damage.

    In addition, whenever one of the bosses die, their Afterimage will periodically reappear to cast their standard ability on a set timer. They can be damaged, but they are to be ignored as once they have completed their abilities they will despawn:

    – Lord Stavros’ Afterimage will afflict the raid with Dark Recital.

    – Baroness Frieda’s Afterimage will attempt to cast Dreadbolt Volley 5 times in a row. Interrupt each one.

    – Castellan Niklaus’ Afterimage will periodically summon a Dutiful Attendant to shield the lowest health boss.

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