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Castle Nathria: Artificer Xy’mox Guide

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    A boss with dimensional portals to play around with. The placement of these portals are important in making the fight as painless as possible. Two players in specific intervals will be marked with the debuff Dimensional Tear. One of these debuffs will need to be dropped near the raid, while another farther away. This is done to help with most of the boss’ abilities, which all revolve around clever use of portal mechanics, such as:

    The active tank will need to drop their debuff Glyph of Destruction far away from the raid, minimizing raid damage. The debuff is only 4 seconds long, so the afflicted tank must make use of the portal to get away from the raid – or other movement abilities.

    Each phase, the Artificer draws upon Denathrius’ Collection of Keepsakes from the Realms of the Shadowlands. Each covenant is represented in other phases.

    Phase 1 (100% to 70%)

    Utilizing the Crystal of Phantasms, Xy’moz sends out Specters of the Realm of Maldraxxus towards random players.

    Other than the raid avoiding Rift Blasts the raid will have to watch out for these Fleeting Spirits. These spirits will fixate on random players and, upon reaching them will mind control their target. Those fixated will need to use the portals to avoid them for 12 seconds straight. Jumping in and out of portals whenever the ghost will reach you is the only way to handle these fast-moving unfriendly specters.


    Phase 2 (70% to 40%)

    In this phase, the Artificer draws upon the destructive power of Death & Rebirth contained within the Wildseeds of Ardenweald.

    Throughout the arena, seeds will spawn with a timer on them, which upon expiration will explode massive damage in a large circle around them. Players can pick these seeds up and stack them to one end of the room, utilizing the rift to get to and from a far location and back to the raid.

    During this phase, healers will need to look out for players debuffed with Withering Touch, a hard hitting DoT that lasts for 20 seconds. It cannot be dispelled, simply heal through it. If you have this debuff, avoid carrying the seeds away as you will be out of healer range.

    Phase 3 (40% to 0%)

    Unfortunately, Denathrius’ allegiance with the Jailer can also be seen in his private collection. The Artificer draws upon the power of the Maw itself in a desperate attempt to survive.

    At 40%, the boss will spawn a sword, the Edge of Annihilation, in the center of the room. The sword is inert until Xy’mox activates it with Annihilation. This ability happens periodically throughout the phase, the sword will instantly kill anyone within its radius once the cast expires and go back to being inert.

    Once Annihilation is cast, the sword will pull the entire raid into it, increasing with strength over time. We will need to use the portals, any move speed available to us to avoid the inevitable pull of the Jailer. Position yourself infront of a dimensional portal to keep teleporting back towards the far wall, safe from the sword until the Artificer meets its end, and their collection our pockets.

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  • Athiyk
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    Heroic Difficulty

    Throughout the entire fight, Xy’mox will drop Stasis Traps under a number of players. If triggered by a player, they will trap them in Stasis which will need to be DPS’d and destroyed to free the player.

    Periodically, classes with magical immunities will be tasked with clearing these traps from the room to make sure we do not become overwhelmed.

    No go zone

    Mythic Difficulty

    Xy’mox will enter each phase earlier. He enters Phase 2 at 80%, up from 70% on Heroic. He enters Phase 3 at 60%, up from 40% on Heroic.

    On Mythic, there are 8 Seeds of Eradication, up from 6 on Heroic.

    Each mechanic from the phases stay active for the remainder of the encounter, and whenever they are triggered, the boss will activate them all at once. Depending on boss timings, these may be staggered or concurrent.

    On Mythic, if a Fleeting Spirit reaches its target, they will be mind controlled until they are killed instead of it breaking the mind control at 50% health. You can use magical immunities to soak the ghost and remove it from play.

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