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    I’ll toss notes as I find them.

    It’s possible to track Flares,  first flare is straight after the intermission ends as we’ve seen, the following flares arrive 1 minute each until the next intermission. Rinse and repeat. Only way I can think of tracking this straight off the bat is the old school stopwatch aka /timer and hit it when the flares arrive and keep an eye on the timer.

    There are 8 seconds between when the boss becomes active and when the first flare spawns. Leaving us no time to stand between the boss and the adds for whatever reason. But more than enough time to get to the stack points.

    There are 15 seconds after the flare before the first lot of blazing comes, so no problem with spreading back out.

    alot of the guilds are using the pally CD to counter the first add explosions (seems sac aura on 2 adds and devotion and sac on 4 adds) this makes sense to use such burst healing to counter the burst damage, the rest of the CD’s followed suit. May be worth a try? especially if we have say kodis and athiyk on the next run.

    I’ve added examples to show why the spike damage incoming is such a problem



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