Discipline Priest – Declined

What sort of membership are you applying for?

  • Progress
  • What characters are you applying with? Please link from armory, wowprogress or some other site, in order of importance to you. Include also your main character if you are applying with an alt.

  • Zaichitaj-Draenor Chihari-Draenor

  • Main Character Link

  • https://raider.io/characters/eu/draenor/Zaichitaj
  • First Alt Character Link

  • https://raider.io/characters/eu/draenor/Chihari
  • Why did you choose the class/spec you’re applying with and what kinds of content have you played on it so far? What experience you have playing other specs of your class?

  • I am mostly interested in healing, druid and disc priest both have a pro-active play style which appeals to me. My druid healing experience goes back to healing first tier of Cataclism. This expansion I healed BoD mostly on druid, (2/9M) All other tiers from Legion until now I'd basically mained my priest as disc/holy dual spec. I cannot play shadow to save my life, but i'm a half decent boomkin. I have tried playing as dps on druid after server transfer (late BoD), and even as shaman but I simply don't enjoy the dps role as much. Note: Best progress is 3/9M on my shaman Chihaki as dps though. Not playing that anymore
  • Tell us about your history in WoW. Previous realms, guilds, best achievements, favourite mounts and anything else you want to add.

  • I'd been playing since Wrath, first as a mage on a RP server for several years. I got into healing after Cataclysm launch when literally no one wanted to heal, but was mostly backup healer until Legion Antorus on Magtheridon. Had to transfer because raid progress on that server wasn't very good and we were struggling with recruitment. best achievement? Probabaly the Insane title, I did the grind 2 times for fun. Best mount is the store fox mount ofc!
  • Who are you outside WoW? Please make sure to include things like the name your friends call you, your age, where do you live, what do you do when not playing WoW, family situation and anything else you’d like to add here that would affect your ability to play with Weekend Warriors in the coming months.

  • My friends use the nickname Chi in game. I am over 30, live in a very warm country, love my privacy and don't have a life.
  • How did you hear about Weekend Warriors? What are you expecting from us? What can you offer to us?

  • I found your ad on the forums. I expect a good raid progression in a friendly social environment. I am a seasoned flexible player that can attend 90% of the raids, I like socializing with others and coming up with fun alternative healing strategies. Used to be Healing officer in 2 guilds before changing server.
  • What kind of computer, internet connection and ingame latency/framerate you have? (please provide links if possible).

  • I have a 50-60ms latency, my pc is good enough to play the game on medium settings with mostly 100fps. I sometimes have a kitty on the keyboard problem, but it usually solves itself quickly
  • The following questions are provided by our members and used by us as a maturity/sense of humour check. Please read them carefully and try to give your answer some thought as your answers will give us the best guide to your 'fit' with our community.

    If you were an orc, what would you be and why?

  • I would be a troll
  • Whats the perfect time of day and why?

  • The second breakfast time, when you are awake enough to appreciate coffee but not quite awake for dealing with people. So you pretend to work while you're drinking your second coffee
  • Please name one thing you LIKE most about WoW and one thing you particularly DISLIKE and why.

  • I like the game's art style, and that it can run on any potato backup pc in case of need. I dislike the direction they took with professions, basically killing them off 2-3 expansions ago. It used to be one of the aspects of the game I enjoyed most.

    Hello Polaus and thanks for the application. What happens now is we put a link to this app in the member's section so members can discuss it and bring any questions they have to you. Normally expect an answer on a raid team application within 72 hours. Please check back from time to time in case there are any questions that need answering as this will help speed the process. Thanks. Athiyk
    Hello again and thanks for your patience. After careful consideration I regret to say we are not able to offer you membership of Weekend Warriors at this time. We wish you every success with your search for a guild that suits your raiding needs. Best regards Scabb

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